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Hebe International is own by Zhao in Henan, China. A China skin care salon which rent an office in Seoul, Korea. They have been counterfeit producers of a brand name products such as Miracle Care, Crystal Tomato poplar services and products in China. They reproduced the internet site of Crystal Tomato, to produce the next fake site, by altering the name Crystal Tomato to MDS tomato using even and Crystal Tomato images the companyname Gromark, to customers that were misleading that these are the exact same product. This really is a statement from Gromark:

Back in 2017, there certainly really are a great deal of people on Insta-gram and wechat starts to market a new product called Crystal Tomato pills, so where exactly can this brand originated out? Crystal Tomato can be actually a brand from Singapore, they sold in practices in Singapore and have been produced in USA. As this new is very reputable and been attempting to sell Singapore for over 5 decades, therefore it attracts a number of all China scammers who want to earn high profits in methods that are unscrupulous, Zhao from mainland. This scammer leasing a place at Seoul, Korea, to use to using a skin care centre in Seoul, to use to investors that are Chinese that are convince to become franchisee to producing imitation, and spend cash for him. He lied to all those franchisee he has got the dispersing rights also using Crystal Tomato product picture and videos to advertise in his own wechat minutes, and when customer gets the product, its actually called MDS tomato. The package looks similar, he told the customer that is the Korean variant of Crystal Tomato, because the import taxation is very low in Korea from USA, so they are able to sell 1/3 of this price compares to Crystal Tomato, by misleading clients to think they are exactly the exact same product and manufactured from the same company Gromark. That really is crytsal curry site:, this company has been attempting to sell Crystal Tomato for countless years in Singapore, has nothing todo with MDS tomato, the ones Zhao maintained he own the distributing rights out of Gromark. Crystal Tomato can simply allowed to be sold on We chat, perhaps not at Clinics from these scammers, web site.

These Chinese scammers never honor others property, provided that profit is smelt by them , they will begin to manufactory fakes and asking their franchisee to get, therefore they can sell their fakes out of their franchisee. At the beginning, all those pictures of MDS tomato is from Hebe Intl Skin Care, and all of Hebe International Skin Care franchisee are starting to post these picture and selling those fake tomato pills. They sold it very economical at $45 2500 each package, but these things were produced by them in a unknown factory outlet, these products has no factory name and mill address in it. Their cost to produce those fake pills is around $5 per box, starting in 10000 box. Zhao then hoping to attracts franchisees to combine his own franchise business giving each franchisee 500 boxes for free once whenever they join his franchise, then he even used these franchisees to market those imitation pills into the last clients. They sold these pills at $ 4-5 per day, earning more than 40 profit, asking customer to choose these pills regular like vitaminso their skin can get white. These pills are not FDA approves, not CDFA blessings, they are supplement to sell in China, USA, Canada and anywhere together with government regulation.

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